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  • Title: Dr. Caligari
  • Release year: 1989
  • Director: Stephen Sayadian; Stephen Sayadian
  • Actors: Madeleine Reynal, Fox Harris, Laura Albert, Jennifer Balgobin, John Durbin, Gene Zerna, David Parry, Barry Phillips, Magie Song, Jennifer Miro, Stephen Sayadian, Stephen Sayadian
  • Movie length: 80 min.
  • Movie genres: Comedy; Horror; Sci-Fi

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The film to me wasn't like a lot of the Horror packed flicks that I watched. The film was unique cause it more special and let me get close and follow the main role. The film probably did not cheat of motion and there wasn't a time where I was shocked or disinterested from the film. We can tell for sure that the flick of 1989 and with duration of 80 minutes would be added to your home video collection and that you will watch it again and again after watching it now. You are a lucky man because you visited the best database, the place where you are able to find the Horror film that you will like so much! Dr. Caligari is produced by people who know what is what in producing nice films and John Durbin, Magie Song here look so nicely and on right place. It's a amazing movie especially for fans of John Durbin, Magie Song. Cool effects, well written, nice filming, and well acted. We think you 100% will enjoy Dr. Caligari film. Good luck. ;-)

I'm gonna keep this brief: Dr. Caligari is just fantastic! If I need to add just 1 thing that actually impressed me was the character of Stephen Sayadian. I absolutely agree with the other film reviews here. This movie is such a fantastic calamity of 10 years of the best superhero entertainment there is. Thinking about film, I can't really grip how the creator created this. A lot of well produced characters from various story lines are acting together in a true cinematic symphony. Dr. Caligari belongs to Horror category and was created in 1989. Stephen Sayadian is one of my loved actors (who does not enjoy Stephen Sayadian?) and sure this was the main reason why I wanted to see this film. Stephen Sayadian was the actor who had some magic, who has his own reality. Yes, Dr. Caligari film is a really one of the hottest film in Horror genre in 1989. Movie length is 80 minutes. This movie has a pretty fantastic cast, some really good story. I think you will like Dr. Caligari film. Cheers. :)