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  • Title: Awakening
  • Release year: 1994
  • Movie genres: Horror
  • Director: Chuen-Yee Cha
  • Actors: Anita Lee, Carman Lee, Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, Simon Yam, Chuen-Yee Cha, Suk-Yun Hui, Po Lam
  • Movie length: 92 min.

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Oh, Awakening is cool, it is one of the most wonderful of all films in Horror genre. It is our recommendation to watch the film and the acting of such a wonderful famous actors like: Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, Chuen-Yee Cha, Anita Lee will take your breath away. All actors are acting wonderful but the acting of Anthony Chau-Sang Wong is somethings unordinary and sometimes unbelievable. Running time of the film is: 92 minutes. You'll get so many of delightful emotions during so nice time with Awakening. You got amazing movie to watch right now. Here we collect great links to enjoy Awakening. World-class actors giving great performances but this story is not interesting and rather predictable. I'm going to keep this brief: Awakening is just fantastic! If I should add just one thing that really impressed me was the character of Anthony Chau-Sang Wong. I fully agree with the other movie opinions here. This film is such a beautiful calamity of 10 years of the best super hero entertainment there is. Thinking about it, I can't really grasp how the creator released this. A lot of excellent developed characters from various story lines are performing together in a true cinematic symphony. Hey? Still waiting? We know that you are going to like this movie.

Awakening film is a pretty cool movie, that filled with much of great action.

Awakening Horror film was released in mid 1994. Anita Lee, Chuen-Yee Cha, Carman Lee, Suk-Yun Hui, Simon Yam have made this film terrific to watch. Just my opinion.

All devotees of really wonderful films in Horror genre would be so glad to examine Awakening so much. So, if you are one of us then you should just sit comfortable and start starting to have so much pleasure seeing this movie of year 1994. Here you would find a so amazing acting of your beloved actors: Anita Lee, Chuen-Yee Cha, Carman Lee, Suk-Yun Hui, Simon Yam who look very cool and on their places in Awakening. The running time of the movie is 92 mins but you feel it is just one moment because everything in the movie is so amazing. So, you should not think how to spend some so delightful night anymore!

We think that you will love this movie. It is just my opinion.